Helping a Child with Nonverbal Learning Disorder or Asperger's Disorder

A fully revised and expanded edition of a best-selling classic, this book offers complete information about parenting a child with a nonverbal learning disorder or Asperger's disorder. This edition includes a new section on anxiety and social anxiety, now commonly held to be major issues for children with these conditions, and new specific skills training for social behaviors limited by a child's ability to perform.

ISBN10: 1572245263
ISBN13: 9781572245266
Number Of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 20070901
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781572245266
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The book offers readers ways to evaluate their child’s strengths and weaknesses in areas such as visual and spatial functioning, writing problems, information processing and organizational skills, social and emotional capabilities, language skills, and interactive abilities. It offers specific strategies for intervening and helping the child to cope with these obstacles, such as teaching the child how to socialize with humor and empathy, alternatives for learning to write, tips for organizing daily activities, multi-tasking, and more.