How to Fail as a Therapist

ISBN10: 1886230986
ISBN13: 9781886230989
Number Of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 20100801
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781886230989
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From the Foreword, by Arnold Lazarus, PhD, ABPP:

“I shudder when I think... when I, as a newly minted PhD in clinical psychology, was certified as competent and qualified... it is not farfetched to say I knew next to nothing...”

“Newly minted” therapists aren't alone in making mistakes, of course; even seasoned professionals can benefit from discovering the 50+ most common errors therapists make, and how to avoid them. Newly revised and updated, this indispensable guide includes more case examples and adds seven ways “to fail” with child patients, too.

How to Fail... details how to avoid errors such as not recognizing limitations, performing incomplete assessments, ignoring science, ruining the client relationship, setting improper boundaries, terminating improperly, therapist burnout, and more.