It Happened to Me

In It Happened to Me, a psychologist presents guided exercises to help teens who have been sexually abused reflect on what happened to them, examine its impact on their lives, and motivate themselves to begin to develop healthy and loving relationships as they move toward adulthood.

ISBN10: 1572242795
ISBN13: 9781572242791
Number Of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 20020302
Publisher: NewHarbinger
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781572242791

Whether sexual abuse happens in early childhood or just before leaving home, most trauma survivors find that the teenage and early adult years are crucial for their recovery. With the right kind of support, it's then that they have the motivation and capacity for insight that will let them begin the process of healing.

This workbook is written for teens and those who treat them. Simple, effective exercises help teens learn about the different aspects of trauma, share the thoughts and emotions of other survivors, clarify their own ideas and beliefs, and explore new ways of feeling and relating. Author William Lee Carter is a psychologist who works with sexually abused teens on a daily basis, and his approach is positive and sensitive to the needs and feelings of this age group. The exercises he provides focus on giving teens the strength and confidence they need to reshape their self-image, connect with others in healthy ways, and develop the skills they need to realize their full potential.