Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment

ISBN10: 1557783039
ISBN13: 9781557783035
Number Of Pages: 482
Publication Date: 19980424
Publisher: BakerandTaylor
Binding: Paperback
SKU: 9781557783035

The search for a higher state of consciousness takes many forms: eastern religions, meditation, mysticism, and transpersonal psychology, to name a few. But one common theme unites these seemingly diverse approaches to spirituality–kundalini, a Sanskrit word that refers to our potential to reach a higher spiritual plane. Through kundalini yoga our vital life force is channeled up through the spine and concentrated in the brain, resulting in personal transformation and enlightenment.

Here are the most authentic and insightful writings on every aspect of this fascinating phenomenon including:
• Traditional views of kundalini
• Personal accounts of the kundalini experience
• Scientific explorations in kundalini research
• Advice for seekers

This volume includes the writings of Gopi Krishna, Swami Rama, Yogi Bhajan, Christopher Hills, Lee Sannella, and Ken Wilbur, among others. The views of these respected authorities provide the most reliable information on kundalini and valuable guidance for getting in touch with your spiritual self.